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Ceiling Fan causing sore throat?

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Is it possible that sleeping under a ceiling fan can cause a sore throat and make me feel sick when I wake up?

I've noticed this lately and I can't figure out why I'm feeling this way until I thought about sleeping with my mouth open under the fan all night. Is anyone else aware of this?

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    • I think it's very possible to have a sore throat from an overhead fan, since my eyes tend to dry out very badly when sitting under an overhead fan, so why shouldn't your throat? Chances are your mouth could be open while sleeping, and lack of moisture in the throat can make it feel very dry or sore. Try without it for a night or so, and see. Can't hurt.
      #1; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:43:00 GMT
    • I hate sleeping under a ceiling fan or even a rotating floor fan!!

      I am a "mouth-breather", so not only is my mouth dry and throat sore, but it really messes with my sinuses as well.

      So, I think that could be what's causing your sore throat!

      #2; Wed, 19 Dec 2007 00:44:00 GMT